Vasovasostomy (Vasectomy Reversal)

Our Urology department includes a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians including Urologist, Dr. Irwin Lieb, Thomas McBride, PA and two RNs with long term experience in the Urology field.  The Urology team provides a broad range of services and procedures, including long-term surveillance and treatment of Prostate malignancies, Bladder malignancies, Kidney and Ureter calcifications, Urinary Tract Infection, Incontinence and Men’s and Women’s Urinary Health to name a few.  Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures include but are not limited to Cystoscopy, TRUS biopsy of prostate, Bladder Biopsy, Fulgeration, Urodynamics, CMG, Circumcision, Transurethral Resection of Prostate and Bladder Tumor, Botox, Lupron, Prolia injections and more… 

Dr. Lieb also provides Family Planning in the form of Vasectomy (Elective Male Sterilization) and Vasovasostomy (Vasectomy Reversal) procedures. 

Vasectomy (Elective Male Sterilization)


Prostate Surveillance

ESWL Lithotripsy