"Dr. Michael Hill…  Before my surgery, and before I started the program; I measured myself…I was wearing a 5x clothing or a (30-31) women’s size clothing.  Now I wear an 11 Jr. pant size and a med-lg shirt, depending on who makes the clothes.  I lost over 89 and ½ inches off my body as of Oct of 2010…Still til this day I can’t believe I was that big, but thanks to you, Dr. Hill and the Bariatric center, I made it….Thanks for everything. “- Pattie Jandrew

“ I would like to thank the fine people at the center of Adirondack Medical Center for giving me my life back….I was very overweight in 2010 and about 295 lbs., now it is 2012 and I weigh 176 lbs….I would recommend this to all that are interested in this procedure.  It is a life changing  thing that will take place for you.  And all I did was walk every other day.  I stared off walking for about 5 min. one way, so that meant that I had to come back the other way 5 min.  Then the next week I walked 1o min. and so on and so on until was up to hour a day.  I did this for about four months…I love my new life; happy, lots of energy, stamina and no more wheezing.  I lost a whole person…WOW… - James Brown

“Dear. Dr.Lieb & Kristin,We wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your care and concern for Sheila.  It seems so rare to have doctors and nurses express such kindness, let alone genuine humanity, as part of their practice.  We always feel “heard” and respected for asking questions and sharing our concerns.  We thought it was important to know how much we appreciate all you do for the both of us, particularly when dealing with sensitive situations.”   - The Kedamawis